Vape Shops are one of the most profitable and fastest growing retail store trends in the United States.

If you are interested in opening a vape shop, you have come to the right place! We have extensive information and step by step instructions on how to do it! 

  1. Check Vape Shop Regulations
  2. Securing a Location for your Vape Shop
  3. Obtaining Insurance / Licensing
  4. Signage / Naming / Branding
  5. Securing a Supplier
  6. Advertising and Marketing

1. Checking Vape Shop Regulations.

Every area may have different rules and regulations for opening a vape shop. Some states have also implemented taxes. It can be different depending on where you are located. We are in the process of compiling all of the state by state information on vape taxes, rules, regulations, and laws. As we complete each state, we will post below:

Alabama Vape Shop Taxes, Rules, Regulations & Laws

Alaska Vape Shop Taxes, Rules, Regulations & Laws

Step 1 - The first thing you need to determine is what state you are opening a vape shop in.

Step 2 - Then you want to run a few quick Google searches to see if there is any regulations in that specific state. Searching these terms will usually get you the information you need. Knowing this information will allow you to set the proper tax and age policies for your store. 

Pennsylvania Vape Laws
Pennsylvania Vape Tax
Pennsylvania Vape Age

A good example of why this information is important when opening a vape shop, is because Pennsylvania charges a 40% wholesale floor tax on all taxable products in your vape shop, including all vape juice. Meaning, the value that your vape  shop in PA buys its products for, you have to pay an additional 40% tax on those products to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and continue to pay tax as you acquire more inventory, which you will have to file. That would be good to know before you decide to open 10 stores in Pennsylvania! Especially if you were weighing your options as to what state to open in, with the least amount of startup costs. A startup cost of 40% of the wholesale value of your inventory, is a major additional expense!

Some states do not have any tax, but some do, it's different for each state, and is constantly changing as the industry continues to grow. This is why its important to research this early, so you factor it in as you scout out your location.

Step 3 - Now that you have your state selected, you need to double check the rules for the specific county, city, village, or town that you are opening your vape shop in and see if there is any specific age regulations or other laws that you need to abide by such as "No sale of tobacco within 500ft of a school".

Step 4 - Prior to signing any lease for a location, you are going to have to check with the local zoning office and department of planning of that specific local municipality to ensure that you are allowed to put a vape shop at your proposed location. The best bet is to Google to find the town/city offices and look for the planning department phone number and ask them if there is anything specific that you need to do for your location to ensure you can open a vape shop there. 

Step 5 - If you are performing any remodeling inside of the location, the planning department of a specific area usually requires a drawing to be submitted to them of the construction changes and for a building permit to be filed. The building permit can be handled by your contractor. The use of a contractor is usually required because the building owner will require that anyone you have do work on the property, is fully insured. The best thing to do is call the local planning department of that area and ask about the process for opening a new vape shop business, or if there is anything you need to file to open a new local business, as it is unique to each area.

2. Securing The Proper Vape Shop Location:

A Vape Shop is best suited in high traffic areas. The more people driving by that can see your vape shop, the better. Many successful vape shops are found on busy roads and intersections, in busy plazas and malls. An example would be a store front in the same plaza as a grocery store, that would most likely be a great location considering everybody has to shop for groceries. Placing your vape shop business near other popular businesses is a good strategy. Some other locations our clients have worked at are kiosks, trade shows, flea markets, festivals and more! You also want to make sure that when you open a vape shop, you ensure that it has enough parking! People want to run in and run out real quick, they don't want to have to park a block away and walk to get into your store. Ideally you want your new vape shop location to also have a parking lot out front. Locating your vape shop in a plaza with other businesses can solve any potential parking issues.

If you are scouting a location, a great way to do it, is to use Google Street View. Simply type your address into Google, click the picture of your house to access Street View, and Zoom Out, it will take you to a satellite view of your area, where you can scroll around and check out all the different areas, zoom in and out from satellite back into street view so you can see really get a good feel for the area and the traffic for the area. It enables you to digitally travel around any area at your own convenience, to really find the best spots. When you find a proposed address, its always a great idea to scan the entire area with Google Street View.

Size is important and anywhere between 1000-1500 Sq ft is a good size and the size of your average vape shop.

3. Obtaining The Proper Vape Shop Insurance:

You will need a general liability insurance policy for your vape shop and you should also have insurance on your inventory and the contents of your business to protect from unforeseen damages. A local insurance agent from your area will know exactly what you need. The best way to find a good local agent is to run a search on google for "local insurance agents" or 

4. Signage / Naming / Branding

Branding and Naming your vapor shop something memorable is important. Many of our customers use “Vape, Vapor, Ecig” or related words in the name. This is where your own creativity comes into play. Be sure to register your business name with your county or State as a DBA and file any necessary trademarks if you would like your name protected. Highly visible signage with your business name is best.

5. Securing A Supplier:

This is where we come in! WholesaleVapor is the #1 USA based vape shop supplier. We carry the latest and greatest of all electronic cigarette and wholesale vape shop supplies on the market today. Our inventory is constantly expanding with updated merchandise. Besides carrying just hardware, we carry accessories, wholesale vape juice, retail displays and anything that we think would sell good in a vape shop. We offer fast domestic shipping on all orders (no need to wait for production or your typical ~30 day turnaround time from China).  Being a volume based business, we have special relationships with many of the top vape manufacturers. Our bulk purchasing allows us to receive products at lower rates – which we in turn pass those savings on to you with very little markup. 


6. Advertising & Marketing:

Get your name out there! Contact local news organizations to let them know you are opening a new business. Contact your local radio, TV, newspaper and other advertising sources to help spread the word. We found that radio ads tend to be one of the most cost effective approaches to getting brand recognition and customers into the shop.

All in all opening a Vape Shop is one of the easiest businesses to get into nowadays and the profitability and expand-ability of your vape shop brand is determined by your drive to succeed. Help turn smokers to a healthier alternative, enjoy the work that you do, come be part of a revolution and open your vape shop today! You will not regret it.

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