Why should I pre-order w/ Wholesale Vapor ?

1. When a new product launched by manufacturer, we usually offer the
pre-order option. The first batch of the new product is always with
limited quantity, by placing a pre-order, you will be among the first
of our customers to receive the brand new product, and you are
guaranteed to get it shortly if it comes in stock.

2. Can you guarantee the product will be available on the ETA?

No. We offer pre-order option for a new product when we placed the
order to factory and got a ETA from them, but we can not 100%
guarantee the actual arrive date, because they may delay it for their
material or other reasons, so it is important to note that all
pre-orders are offered with estimated time of arrival(ETA). In other
words, it is quite possible and common that pre-order products are
delivered later than expected. Please always check the product
description page for the most up-to-date ETA.

3. What if my pre-order not be filled?

When the manufacturer cancels or short ships our order, we can not
make sure all the pre-orders can be filled. In the case of short
shipment, we will prioritize the pre-orders based on the time they
were received, first received, first sent. We will then have to cancel
and refund all other pre-orders that can not be filled. We are not
responsible to offer any compensation for pre-orders that we are
unable to fill caused by the manufacturer factors.

4. Is it possible to change or cancel a pre-order?

Yes! If you need to, please contact us to cancel it.

5. Can I combine pre-order and in-stock products to ship together?

No. The preorder products can not be added with in stock product in
shopping cart. Currently we recommend that you place a separate order
for preorder products only, and ship them seperately.

6. Can I place a pre-order for various new products with different ETA?

Yes! We will still temporarily hold your order until all products come
in stock and then ship them together. If you wish to ship the products
that comes in stock earlier, we also recommend that you place separate

7. Customer service team is always here to help

If the answers above can not solve your problem, please email us at
info@wholesalevapor.com with the details of your pre-order, and our
customer service team will make an utmost effort to resolve it to your