Alaska Vape Shop Laws & Regulations

Up-to-date as of April 17,2019

-Alaska Vape Age is 19.

-There is not currently a vape tax in place in Alaska. However, in March 2019, a vape tax has been proposed by Rep Sara Hannan. The tax would apply the states 75 percent excise tax on tobacco products to vaping products.

-A link to Rep Sara Hanna’s proposed vape tax bill here -

-The Vape tax in Alaska would only apply to products that come with nicotine. This would include vape juice, pre-filled pods, and any starter kits that come with nicotine. If it is just a component, such as a mod, battery, charger, atomizer, or tank, than it will not be taxed. The package must include nicotine in the sale.

-Jan 2019 – Businesses that sell vape products must obtain a special business license.

-Effective January 2019 vape shops in Alaska must have a State of Alaska Business License. For more information on obtaining a business license in Alaska -

-In addition to having a standard Alaskan business license, you must have a business license endorsement for each location. For more information on endorsements, use this link -

-You can file a business license in Alaska online using this link -

-For more information on obtaining a business license and business license endorsement in Alaska, you can use this link - or email BusinessLicense@Alaska.Gov

-Smokefree Alaska Law prohibits vaping in workplaces, public places. This does not effect sampling inside of vape shops. Shops can still charge for samples per FDA guidelines.